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Replenishment through DIXIPAY

Forex Private Clients can replenish their accounts through DIXIPAY e-payment system.

For replenishment of account through DIXIPAY e-payment system, please do the following steps:

In Personal Cabinet in the «Replenish» choose account, enter the sum, and click «Select a payment method».
In the list «Payment System» choose DIXIPAY and click «Complete a transaction».
Choose convenient for you payment:


My account. Payment will be made directly from your DIXIPAY account:
   Enter your data and click «Login»;
   In the next step, select deposit currency, enter your payments password and click «Submit».
Bank card :
   If you use this payment method, the amount will be charged directly from your bank account.
Prepaid cards :
   You can make a payment using DIXIPAY prepaid cards;
   Information about addresses of resellers of prepaid cards can be found at the DIXIPAY Payment System web-site DIXIPAY.
Your costs:
  0.5% - DIXIPAY payment from your account;
  0.5% + 2% - payment via prepaid cards;
  0.5% + 3% - payment via bank card.
  The money is accrued instantly. Check it in Personal Cabinet in «Payment history»;
  When you replenish account through DIXIPAY e-payment system withdrawals will be made only in the following ways: to the customer's bank account or to the account of DIXIPAY.