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Replenish an account with a bank transfer

It is possible to replenish a trade account or FxPrivate- wallet by means of a bank transfer.
Bank transfers appear to be reliable method of payment transactions.
FxPrivate - wallet accepts the following currencies: USD, EUR, UAH. Trade accounts can be replenished by means of a bank transfer only in USD.
The period of the fund replenishment on your FxPrivate details can make three bank days in the company.

To replenish a trade account or FxPrivate - wallet by a bank transfer:

The following data are specified in the payment purpose:

For a bank transfer in USD and EUR: "Payment by Agreement # ______"
For a bank transfer in UAH: Payment of services as by Agreement # ______ from __. __. ____"

"Agreements # ______" is a number of FxPrivate- wallet to which a bank transfer is completed.
"From __. __. ____" is the registration data in the Personal Cabinet - it can be specified in the mailbox after checking the date of receipt of welcoming letter from FxPrivate Company.
The sum transferred will be entered to the transaction accounts of FxPrivate Company.
Take into account that some banks do not report about the possible commissions of banks-correspondents.

Payment notification

Please, send a scanned copy of payment or bank receipt about transaction in your Personal Cabinet so that it would advance the fund replenishment on trade accounts. 


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